Month: August 2016

Weather Resistant Beach Houses

Hurricane season is upon us and at any point a huge hurricane can come in and cause major damage to houses off of the Atlantic Coast. Technology in home building has come a long way, and it is possible to be prepared with your new beach house to be protected against hurricane force winds and water. Check out some of these awesome beachfront properties.

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South Carolina Watermelon

One of the best things to do on a hot, summer day in South Carolina is to enjoy a delicious watermelon. Bradford watermelons are a South Carolina specialty raised by the Bradford family in Sumter. These watermelons are so good, thieves will steal to get them. They even have a history that goes back to the 1700’s.

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Is your ductwork delivering?

For those who have central heating and air, over time your ducts may have dust, debris, infestation, or even mold. A thorough cleaning may be exactly what they need to increase energy efficiency of your heating and cooling system, preventing allergies, and saving you money on your utility bills. Talk to a home energy auditor to perform a duct-leakage test and see what may be causing your issues.

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