Paint Ideas to Update a Room

Rooms become outdated over time. To update those rooms, an easy way you can make a drastic change is painting. There are numerous colors and all sorts of trim options. How do you start? What do you do to give a room the extra pop you’re looking for? Several things you can do. Keep your color schemes consistent and use subtle textures. Here are some other ideas.

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Mortgage Rates Drop Again

This past summer, mortgage rates were at historically low rates. Late Fall and early Winter, mortgage rates jumped up again. However, good news if you’re looking to buy. Mortgage rates seem to be dropping again. That means if buying a home is at all a possibility for you in the near future, you may want to call your mortgage lender and see what they can do.

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Home Automation Trends For 2017

Automating your home is becoming a common trend among new homes. In 2017, there are several things that are sure to be more normal to see everyday. Install Amazon’s hit product Alexa or new washer and dryer that can simultaneously wash two loads at the same time. Check out the other possibilities you can install in your own home this year.

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